About truPilates

Since 2005, our highly qualified instructors have been customizing every workout to your specific needs in individual or small group sessions. At our studio, we promote an inclusive and non-competitive atmosphere where we welcome all ages and skill levels. We aim to invigorate and inspire you and hope that you will leave class feeling successful and refreshed. 

truPilates is for...

Anyone who wants more from their exercise regimen
truPilates' workouts promote limber and strong muscles and focus on ease of movement and injury prevention. Exercises will strengthen your support muscles, building “spinal insurance” for everything you do.

Performance athletes
Cross-train to promote peak performance or to rehab from and/or prevent injury. truPilates' specially trained instructors will work with your specific needs and goals to achieve proper alignment in your chosen sport and to take your body to the next level, boosting your power, precision and speed.

Prenatal and postpartum
truPilates offers exercises that align, relax and strengthen bodies for the important and consuming work of laboring and mothering. At truPilates, we will support your pregnant body, prepare you for labor and reeducate your body for functional movement in all the new daily tasks of parenting. We’ll focus on pelvic floor, deep abs and back, and tune your body’s mechanics for wearing/carrying and nursing your baby.

Baby Boomers and retirees
Train to boost your overall strength and fitness and to attain and maintain ease of movement in everyday tasks with lower impact exercise and personally customized workouts.  We have many clients with spinal issues, joint replacements, Parkinsons and other concerns who all receive an effective, customized workout with our highly qualified instructors.  

"Coming to Pilates has helped me tremendously with the cognitive, physical and emotional effects of Lyme disease. There are times when I don't have the energy to get out and run, and signing up for a class at truPilates is the only thing that has gotten me out the door. I walk out of the studio after my workout in an improved state of mind and body."