Pilates Equipment 



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In our Pilates classes, form always comes first. Whether you are building strength, increasing athletic performance or rehabilitating an injury,  you will find a safe and effective workout to accomplish your goal. Our classes combine stability and strength training with tension release and breathing techniques so that you leave feeling both invigorated and relaxed.  The majority of our classes are reformer classes, but we also offer TRX, Jumpboard and Tower  classes. The classes are limited to 6-7 people so you will receive plenty of personal attention from a highly qualified instructor. Prior experience is required before starting these classes.  We have three levels of reformer classes and you will find detailed descriptions of each class on our online scheduler

Stretch and Release




This class is a combination of release with acupressure balls and deep stretching that will leave you feeling relaxed head to toe. Each class is tailored for the clients that day so we can address your stiff neck, tight low back or over worked runner’s legs- whatever you need! No prior experience is necessary to join stretch class so you can start anytime.

Pilates Matwork

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This multi-level mat Pilates class will be a full body strength workout. You will not find the same old mat routine here! This class blends elements from Stretch and Pilates for both strength and flexibility. Options to make each exercise more or less difficult will be offered, so beginners are welcome with the exception of pregnant clients or those with osteoporosis.  

We recommend taking Pilates 2-3 times each week for best results.